The city of Este It located at the foot of the Euganean Hills and is 30km from the city of Padua.

It was the main settlement of ancient Venetians and in the second and third centuries B.C.. It became a Roman colony. Many finds from this period are preserved at the National Museum Atestino the most important museum dedicated to the civilization of the Venetians.

Este is appreciated, Furthermore, for its characteristic Castello Carrarese It built on the ashes of the Estense, in 1339, now a public garden.

In the rich historical and artistic heritage are the many squares and old churches, remarkable prominent is the church of Santa Tecla, on the inside where there is the altarpiece by Giambattista Tiepolo, the plague St. Thecla interceding with the Eternal Father for the liberation of the city of 1630.

Great tradition that remains true to this day is the ceramics of Este that are centered around the "Este Pottery and China" even one of the oldest factories dating from the 1700.

Este in Fiore

Este in bloom - rock gardens tower bridgeEste in bloom - gardens seen from the centerMunicipality - Este event in bloom