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Este is surrounded by many characteristic towns including Monselice and Montagnana and a beautiful medieval village which is Arquà Petrarca.

Monselice, inhabited since the Bronze Age, in 1405 becomes part of the territory of the Republic of Venice. Feature of the town is the path called "Seven Chapels", Castle Cini full of valuable collections of furniture, weapons and antique furniture and the Keep Federiciano located on top of the Colle della Rocca.

Montagnana is the best preserved walled cities of the province, inside the country presents the Castelli Museum, the Fortress of the Trees and the central square stands the Cathedral by the impressive late-Gothic style. Behind the wall there is Villa Pisani, one of the masterpieces by Palladio.

Arquà Petrarca It is a medieval village, the pearl of the Euganean Hills where the poet Francesco Petrarca decided to spend the last years of his life in the tranquility that transmits this place. The poet's house can be visited and this attracts thousands of tourists, his grave is in the churchyard of the church of Santa Maria Assunta.

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Arquà Petrarca -The home of the poetMonselice - Decorations Monselice in bloomMonselice - Decorations Monselice in bloomPalio di Monselice - the quintanaPalio di Monselice - The medieval paradeMontagnana - Inside the ancient wallsMontagnana - Inside the ancient wallsMontagnana -The ancient walls